“His eyes were locked on me like a hawk fixing its focus on its prey, yet they were not lustful eyes at all. He showed no signs of interest in terms of curiosity, but rather, he looked at me as if my very presence was improper and intrusive. His glare carried an intense amount of depth to it, as if he were trying to put me into a trance. Even still, it was more intricate than that. There was no fear, no question, no doubt, nor any kind of troubling thought to it. He looked at me as if he had been long expecting me, yet his only intention was to eradicate me, as if that were his lot in life. This was his battle to win, and he had absolutely no doubts whatsoever.

Our gaze was interrupted by the sheep’s cry. As I turned my head, I saw the lion step forward towards me, his focus still completely on me. I stepped back with a startled jolt, and fixed my eyes back on him. He was now beginning his approach. He calmly began to circle me with no sense of urgency. His stature was domineering, and his poise was unadulterated. His legs were thick and perfectly proportioned to his torso. His paws were massive, and I pondered the force of his grip. His tail was the tool of a hypnotist, and its only purpose was to lure and to tease. His mane was elegant, and it only added to his masterful presence. The shape of his face was remarkably perfect. The length of his jaw, the angle of his eyes, and the pinpoint positioning of his nose were all so supreme and authoritative. I had never seen a creature so mystifying.

Suddenly, just as I regained my clarity of the moment, he ceased pacing. He stared at me a moment, turned his head toward the sheep, then back at me. As soon as he locked his eyes back on me, he sounded a tremendous roar that could bring an elephant to its knees. He shot his tremendous body at me, and he was upon me with one mighty leap. His arms spread out, revealing his muscular frame in its entirety. I reached my hands up and grabbed his mane, which was the first thing I could think to grab hold of. I had crouched when he leapt up into the air, and just as he was at his maximum height, I pulled down on his mane with all of my might. I could feel the muscles in my arms ripping their way through my skin, and I thrust him down onto the ground using a combination of strength and his own weight against him. His massive head, of which I had been marveling at moments before, crashed onto the ground with the entire weight of his muscle-filled body, and his neck snapped under the intense pressure. His arm fell on my shoulder, bringing me down underneath it, and I hit the ground with a breathtaking blow. I wrestled with my body for a breath of air, but my lungs seized up under the contracting pressure of my chest, which had just given up all of its strength in one crushing burst. My lungs finally opened up at the last possible second, and I sharply inhaled a piercingly painful breath of air, regaining my sanity. I had won. The guardian of this deathtrap had sprung his full force upon me, and he had not prevailed. I was in shock. I turned my head over toward him, and I was overcome with emotion as I looked upon his lifeless body. His powerful presence was now completely gone, even though his body retained its form. His dominance over me had escaped in a matter of seconds, and I had completely missed the transition. Every detail of his sheer force had instantly vanished. I lay underneath his arm, and struggled to regain my composure. Just then, I heard the sheep cry out again. I looked over and saw it standing a few feet from me. It stood with a gentle innocence that was helpless without protection. My enemy had sought to take what was under my protection, and he had failed. The strength of the lion had been vanquished by the purity of the lamb.”

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