Here is a sample from my new novella that I am getting ready to release. 

“The sea is a violent, angry brute. It’s a bitter, abused tormentor with a wild streak more vicious than a pack of hungry wolves with the strength of a thousand oxen. Its corrosive waves break down mountains into pebbles and ships into driftwood. It swallows its prey whole, and preserves it as a living trophy to be drowned in helplessness and humiliation. Destructive forces call it home, and they wreak havoc on unsuspecting wanderers who are lured in by its glistening stillness. Its calm, welcoming face is more deceiving than an adulterous woman bringing water to a thirsting man in the hottest desert. Its glass-like surface is like a veil covering the face of a murderous bride. Each wave is filled with pleasurable gold, and it seduces with such finesse, that its victims dream of its treasure and ache for a taste the way a starving man aches for food so that his weak body will experience a shadow of relief. It never forgets, and it is always vengeful. Yet, just as a violent, capable mother reliably provides for her young, so too does the sea provide for those who wish to gather from it. Every day, I brave the surface of the ocean and watch as its deep expanse sits poised and ever ready to grab hold of those who seek to steal and squander its treasures.”

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