When at first you came

You had rolls of skin

Piled up on your thighs

It was your first goal

You had room to grow

And grow is what you’ve done

Now you’re skin is stretched out tight

And you’re stretching further still

Cause you’re Spirit’s much too big to stay

Cramped up tight inside

Now every time that you wake up

You twist and push and squeeze

You’re a brand new wine

In an old wineskin

Just waiting for the thing to burst

Cause it hasn’t been long

And the memory’s fresh

Of Creation inside the womb

You were told the time would come

When the place you called your home

Would no longer be the place for you

Cause the Word was not enough

We were waiting for the flesh

But even still you’re pushing out for more

You recall what you were told

This place too was not the end

Cause the blessing that you carry is far too great

You’re stretching towards the day

When the outer man is gone

And the Inner Man is all that remains

So don’t stop stretching

Cause this place too is a womb

And the time of your arrival is coming soon


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