Did you cry when it hit you

The moment that it came?

Or did you simply breathe it in

While we declared your name?


Were you overcome with pain

As you tried to take it in?

Or did it just come so quickly

You didn’t know where to begin?


Could you have done it on your own

If we’d given you time to dream?

Or did you truly need the help

Of the hose and the machine?


Were you afraid that you weren’t ready

And That you had come to soon?

Or were you just sad you had to leave

The comfort of your mother’s womb?


Do you miss it even now?

Or Was it just a place to hide?

Is it darker here around you

Or is it brighter now outside?


Do you remember how it felt

When you realized you were on your own?

Were you afraid you’d be forgotten,

Or that you’d be left alone?


Has the sorrow gently faded

Now that you know you’re not alone

Or do you miss it more than ever

That place you called your home?


Do you ever wonder why

The things you love can make you cry?

Well sometimes love is really

The only reason why


So fill your heart with love,

Though tears forever flow

For the loss that you have felt

Is something that we all know


The home that you now miss

I miss it just the same

So help me to remember

Lest I forget its name

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