Despite the chill that remains, Spring has woken up, and the brawl is on the horizon. Yet, I can’t help but side with Winter in some regards. Spring came in full force this year, with buds blooming into a world more colorful than I ever remember seeing before. The Bradford Pears led the way, blooming snowballs more lasting than the ones winter produced. With all the color bringing new life to all but the unchanged evergreens, I can’t help but feel as if I’ve never seen Spring before. As does Winter; that solitary figure that only stirs when all others have laid down to rest. It’s trudging up the hill to face this unknown force that seeks to lay claim over its domain. Winter; that unwavering recluse with no memory of the days that have passed.

I knew Winter had overstayed its welcome for far too long when I heard the bell. Not the bell of the siren; no I hope it doesn’t come to that. Rather, it was the bell of chimes; those strange, peaceful singers whose songs never change. They’re prophets; criers of peace and the beauty yet to come. For the patient ones, their prophecies all come to pass. But oh, how strange is their song and how untimely it seems! For the omens that lie hidden in their songs are not kind ones, and they, like the oracles of peace, are sound and reliable. Beauty will come, but not before the cloud of gray. Peace will come, but not before the chaos of change. For the Winter is a resilient force, and its surrender will scarcely be a gracious one. But, what the Winter fails to see is that the Spring holds the key to its deepest longing: rest. And oh, how the Winter longs to obtain it! But its snow melts and freezes into a bitter combination of gray slush and black ice. Yet, each year, it strives to undue what the Spring and Summer created, not knowing that its quest for peace prepares the way for Spring’s return; Spring, with its Bradford Pears that refuse the opportunity to mock the Winter’s snow and instead choose to glorify it.

But time and again, the Winter wages war against the Spring. So when the Spring has conquered and reigned its way through the Summer, once more will come the Fall. And again, the Winter will strive to find the fulfillment of its unending desire for rest, until the day that it finally beholds the Light of Spring.

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