Counting sheep

Avoiding sleep

Burning bright the lamp that’s glowing

deep with wild, elusive thoughts

my mind so longs to keep


And if I tarry

I shall marry

all my fleeting discipline to

wary, old fixations that

my mind has failed to bury


Days expend

with such a friend

as time, for even she cannot

suspend the timed arrival of

the never-ending end


Bitter night

of unknown height

Place so deep within that scarcely

light can make its way to come

surround me with its might


Come to stay

Eternal day

one that I have fashioned up to

fray my understanding by your

firm, unyielding sway


Righter sweep

Sower reap

Out of darkness lead, ’til like a

sheep, I’ve left the lion’s mouth

of blackish deathly sleep

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