Don’t look son, look away
That’s not the way that it’s supposed to be
you’ll think you’re free, but instead
You’re slipping your way into chains
You’ll rot brain thinking the wrong thing
about the way you see their faces on display 
They give you everything you say

Bondage and decay–
And when you think to pray 
you feel ashamed-you wear the blame 
You know that things are not the same
It’s a hard, hard habit to break
A dark, dark feeling to shake
You fake it ’til you make it
 Until you make yourself a fake
You take take take it 
while you stake stake stake it
On the chance that you can dance 
Around the price you have to pay

Separated now because we’re jaded 
from the way we were created
We were made to bear the image of the Maker
The day we said we must we bit the dust–from which he fashioned us–
And now the second nature’s always bound to be debased

It’s hard to tell the lies in their disguises
because the way that they’re portrayed is so compatible 
with the way we’ve been depraved
They say, “Follow your heart-Make a new start-
Do it the way that you like it” 
because it’s a natural ease
to do what you please
and drink from the cup of disease

Don’t be swayed by the parade
it’s all a masquerade 
because the serenading voice 
of having no choice 
is sweet as a blade
Keep your eyes fixed upon the prize
The upward call
The truest of treasures
Which far exceeds them all

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